Philips CED 2000BTK (with Nav)CVR700_00-IMS-en_HK
Experience live music with video in car


Obsessed with sound



Philips CED2000BTK features a 6.2″ full color display for video & photo playback is for
ultimate entertainment in your car. Also enjoy movies & music from multiple sources and
never miss a call, thanks to its built-in Bluetooth® receiver.

Enjoy superior sound



  • FullSound for bringing CD listening experience to MP3
  • MAX Sound for instant power boost
  • Dynamic Bass Boost electronically enhances the low tones
  • Music zone for adjustable sonic focus
  • 3-Band Parametric Equalizer with 8 presets (Rock, Pop, Classic, Jazz, Flat, Techno, Optimal, User defined)
  • Super anti-shock protection for smooth music enjoyment
  • Bluetooth phone book down load
  • Bluetooth external microphone included
  • Dab ready


Easy to use


  • Play DVD, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, (S)VCD, DivX® and MPEG4 movies
  • Play & charge your iPhone / iPod via the front USB port
  • USB Direct & SDHC card slots for music, video and photo playback
  • Built-in Bluetooth® receiver for call and music streaming
  • Audio out for amplifier addition
  • AV-IN for portable video and music playback


Design that blends into your car


  • 6.2” high resolution(WVGA) display with touch panel for perfect viewing
  • Rear-view camera mode for backing up safely



Your mobile music theater

With 5-way stereo for powerful sound
Feel your music with the Philips Car stereo speakers CSP6920. These 16x24cm 5-way speakers have peak power at 480W, and feature an oval fiber composite cone with a soft PEI dome tweeter so you can enjoy vivid music details and deep bass.

Powerful music on the road

  • 80W RMS power handling
  • Fiber-composite cone delivers sound with lowest distortion
  • Soft PEI dome tweeter for warm and textured tones
  • Butyl rubber surround for maximum smooth response
  • Strong ferrite magnet for high power performance

High durability, sustainable performance

  • Sturdy polypropylene cone for all-weather performance
  • Stylish speaker grille protects against damages
  • Endurance and performance stability in extreme conditions

Easy to use and install

  • Fits perfectly in all 16x24cm speaker openings
  • Simple wires plug-in for designated speaker terminals


  • 6X9 (160mm x 240mm) 5 Way 80W RMS Speakers 160MM X 240MM
  • 160mm x 240mm (6×9″) 5 Way
  • Output Power RMS 80 Watts
  • Max Output power 480 Watts
  • Sensitivity 91dB
  • Frequency response 27- 33kHz
  • Impedance 4 ohms



Your mobile music theater – hear the difference at high frequency

Feel your music with the Philips Car compoent speakers CSP251. These 25mm swivel tweeters have peak power at 100W(PMPO), and feature a soft silk dome for you to
enjoy vivid music details in clear sound.

Hear every sound detail

  • 10W sound output power
  • Soft silk dome tweeter to restore high fidelity details
  • Swivel tweeter to optimize high-frequency response
  • Neodymium magnet for stable sound performance

Easy to use and install

  • Flush mount, angled mount or surface mount options
  • Simple wires plug-in for designated speaker terminals
  • Fits perfectly in all 25mm speaker openings


Flush, angled, surface mounts

Flush mount, angled mount or surface mount options

Soft silk dome tweeter

Silk is ideal material for tweeter domes due to its light weight, high sensitivity and stability, and its tolerance for high temperatures. Inside the tweeter, the small diaphragm (the dome opening) produces high frequency tones. These soft and light silk domes can capture even the highest musical notes, to make your music full of high fidelity details such as warm, mid-range vocals and vivid, lively trebles. The dome shape also spreads the sound around so that you can hear the high notes from every seat in the car.

Swivel tweeter

High-frequency sounds are directional. If the tweeter is not pointed in the right direction in your car, you may miss out on having the best sound possible. The tweeters inside these Philips car speakers are able to swivel, allowing you to adjust their direction up to 90 degrees and directing the best sound right to your ears regardless of where they are installed in your car.