Infinity doesn’t simply make speakers.
First we invent groundbreaking technology.
Then we meticulously craft some of the
finest speakers in the world.


In 1968, three aerospace engineers with a passion for music applied their skills to sound design.
Their first creation was a loudspeaker with a revolutionary servo-controlled subwoofer.
Infinity was born, and the audio industry was transformed.

Since the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to superior performance and fanatical about the materials and technology it takes to achieve it. Four decades of innovation produced an array of audio firsts.
Each leap forward is propelled by a focus on simple function and clean, bold design.

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Infinity takes sound seriously.
We’re not driven by fads, gimmicks, or games. We design speakers that challenge and advance the audio industry. With each engineering breakthrough, we’re closing in on our goal: perfect sound.

Pure Sound. Nothing But.


CMMD – Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragms sandwich an aluminum driver between ceramic layers, the ultimate construction for accuracy. Ultra rigidity means no unwanted coloration, while lightweight cones pick up subtle detail.

Not just Loud. Accurate.


MMD – Metal Matrix Diaphragms use advanced materials to improve accuracy. Both sides of an aluminum core are anodized for rigidity and speed, resulting in pure, truthful sound. MMDs derive from Infinity’s patented CMMD technology.

Expand the Sonic Sweet Spot

Waveguide Tweeters

Waveguide Tweeters improve on-and-off-axis high-frequency response for great imaging, presence and sound throughout an expanded listening area.

Fantastic Bottom End.

Slipstream Tuned Parts

Slipstream™ Tuned PORTS use patented technology to improve bass performance. Curved, flared edges minimize turbulence, reducing port noise and delivering precise, powerful base.

Great Bass in a Small Package

Passive Radiators

Passive Radiators increase a speaker’s low frequency response to give a smaller audio system the deep, smooth performance of a much larger system. Get big, clear bass tones with a smaller woofer.

Listen to the Future

Digital Amplification

With high performance and low power consumption, digital amps are poised to replace traditional analogs. They use less heat, less space, and pick up less noise.

Don’t get Rattled

Low Resonance Enclosures

For more natural sound reproduction, internal bracing is used to reduce cabinet vibration and minimize unwanted background noise.

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