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A complete product range to experience the thrill of high quality sound, in any situation. At Hertz we believe in delivering complete solutions to our customers’ needs with products that perfectly work together. The Hertz amplifiers and loudspeakers offer the possibility of building a system optimized for top performance.

Hertz, the unit of frequency, the number of cycles per second.

From the brand’s name to the product characteristics, everything at Hertz reflects that we are a performance-oriented company,
by philosophy and design

The enthusiasm for music vibrates within the Hertz team and lies at the heart of everything we do: over the years we have built an outstanding team of talented and passionate engineers who are committed to designing products at the top level of audio performance.

Each new project starts from the fans’ and enthusiasts’ needs and is developed to connect them straight to the emotional power of music.

Hertz philosophy is a unique combination of premium sound, living tradition, ingenious innovation and high quality, combined in a complete line of products for our customer’s maximum satisfaction.

New products are driven by research and genuine advances in technology and performance: that is the hallmark of Hertz products.

Since the launch of the Hertz brand in 1998 we haven’t stopped innovating, receiving numerous industry awards and building an outstanding track record of world-class products.

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Maximum Power, Maximum Quality, Minimum Size

Hertz Digital Power project delivers high power levels while maintaining high efficiency, in a compact footprint chassis size required in today’s modern installations. It has inherited all the technologies which made HP successful, with further advanced performance. More specifically, the D-Class technology has evolved into a Full Range design for offering stunning musical performance also with elevated power output.

A ground-breaking combination of high power and high value

Minimized sizes have been achieved thanks to the use of both D and AB Class circuits; Hertz Compact Power amplifiers are highly versatile and have comparably high power levels; all available in a line of very competitive models, for any budget.

Impressive sound pressure and power

A unique SPL project for the best performance in any application.

Continued evolution to turn into Legend.

The Mille line has revolutionized the market since its introduction in 1999; designed to meet the needs of the most demanding enthusiasts. These components have set a new standard in sound reproduction, receiving prestigious awards and gaining people’s appreciation worldwide.

High efficiency timbre quality, startling power handling

Hi-Energy, the Hertz best-seller line, offers unique performance for a wide variety of applications.
A top-of-the-line sound in any condition, cutting-edge technology and very easy to install. Sound and performances at their best.


Energy.5 loudspeakers assure reliability and efficiency, which marked its success since its first release. Each Energy.5 component was developed with the purpose of increasing high-performance and optimizing the overall size, the result is a thrilling line that represents the ideal solution to upgrade factory OEM systems.

Satisfying every need, in every car

A new landmark in its category for completeness of product range and accurate design. Extended frequency response, wide off-axis dispersion, even higher efficiency and undistorted, powerful sound with any sources in any cars.

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