Tradition and world’s best

The traditional loudspeaker and the driver are the historical channels of Focal, the heart of its DNA, made of technologies, mechanics and noble materials. But that’s also an object that’s part of our everyday life. That’s why we took much care about each detail…
All our drivers and loudspeakers are made according to the same quality standards to offer the best listening solution whatever the size or price.

Pleasure and innovation

Listening to your music everywhere in your everyday environment, it’s now possible. Focal has the solution to bring a quality sound in any rooms in your home (living-room, bedroom, Hall, kitchen etc.), in your garden, in your car or in your professional studio.
Innovating is pushing the envelope. Focal permanently invents new solutions to integrate a quality sound whatever the conditions, in-wall, on-wall or in-ceiling loudspeakers. And everything becomes possible.

Since 1979, Focal is one of the world leaders of the High End acoustic loudspeakers. 30 years to fight our values, to keep our production in France and to stand up for the idea of a luxury “à la française”. Innovation, tradition, be the world’s best in everything we create for your pleasure, that’s our philosophy; “the Spirit of Sound“.


Jackie Chan is using Focal

Famous actor, producer and martial arts specialist, Jackie Chan installed a Car Audio Utopia Be N°7 kit in his car.

A neutral sound and an exceptional sound precision, this is what convinced Jackie Chan, worldwide star of action films, to choose an Utopia Be N°7 audio kit in his Lancer Evolution IX car. This very rare car model is actually a Jackie Chan Special Edition released in 50 versions only.
Focal recognises its Chinese distributor, Shun Woo, for its daily work and collaboration for promoting the brand in China.