Audison Conection


Beyond the Absolute. Audison’s Hi-End. Thesis is the link between audiophile engineers and audiophile enthusiasts, who simply look for the best. Technical perfection and peerless elegance make it unique.

Thesis HV Venti – Audison has always aimed at the highest quality. Every product is unique. It is designed and developed in order to join the very best worldwide production; its special features make it peerless.
Sometimes, however, choices have to depend on technical reasons, on the fact the product must be easy to use, on market demands. Thesis line, which indicates absolute Hi-End audison products, aims at escaping this indisputable reality.
TH Amplifiers: TH uno | The Thesis TH amplifiers are manufactured using state-of-the-art analog and digital technology. Class A amplification stage, multi-standard analog and digital inputs and the control of the amplifier through a microprocessor make this product the most evolved among the Audison range.
TH uno is a single channel (mono) amplifier used to achieve maximum performance under any load; capable of delivering up to 2300 W into 1 Ohm and 200 W in the audiophile A Class mode. Specifically designed to drive systems and subwoofers with self-assured mastery.


The Authentic Voice. Originating directly from the experience of the outstanding Thesis line, the Voce components take the in-car listening experience to a new level of excellence.


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