0Your Subwoofer. Your Goals. Your Vehicle. Your Dimensions.

You cannot simply install a subwoofer in a random pre-built enclosure and achieve the best sound. The enclosure must be designed specifically for the subwoofer’s electromechanical parameters. It also should be designed for your musical preference and goals, whether they are to be as loud as possible, or have the most level response. Your vehicle’s dimensions and cabin volume also play a critical role in the sound of your subwoofer. We take all of these parameters into account in order to design the best subwoofer box for YOU.


Sound Deadening

If you want the best sound out of your sound system it is critical to install sound insulating products. These products cut down on road noise and improve musical response.

With any custom car audio fiberglass project there are multiple different materials that you will need to build your project. Below you will find a video describing some of the various materials needed as well a defined use as well as features to look for.

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Below is a list of what I generally try to keep on hand for fiberglass car audio installs:

  • Polyester Resin – Used to bind fiberglass fibers, look for resins that have good working time.

  • Fiberglass Chop Mat – Adds strength to the part, available in different weights per unit area, heavy mat used to add strength with less layers, but difficult on curved surfaces. 

  • Fiberglass Rollers – Used to push air bubble out of fiberglass parts, available in different shapes and sizes for corners or flat surface rolling.

  • Chip brushes – Cheap brushes for applying resin, buy in bulk, the cheaper the better!

  • Pigment – Used to make air bubbles more obvious, gives a more finished look to fiberglass parts.

  • Gloves – Protect your hands.

  • Fleece or Grill Cloth Fabric – Fleece is used for large surfaces to avoid sagging, grill cloth is ideal as it absorbs less resin, grill cloth is better for small parts.


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